This option in your cPanel control panel allows you to compress your directories and/or files located in your account. This is an excellent way to backup your own files. It will serve as double protection should anything ever go wrong with our backups. Like any web host we cannot guarantee the quality of our individual backups as these are geared more toward restoring an entire server.

We HIGHLY recommend that you make it common practice to backup your own web pages. Although unlikely to be necessary, in the event that we are unable to recover your pages, you will be able to restore your own pages.

In your cPanel Control Panel click on Backup then click on Download a Home Directory Backup” This will enable you to download a compressed copy of your web site & its files, email folders, etc. Save the backup file to your own hard drive for safe keeping.

If you save a backup only to your web space, not only do you not have a copy of your own to easily upload when you want to restore, but you also will quickly use up a lot of space in your web hosting account.

If you are using MySQL databases, don’t forget to also make backups of your MySQL databases.