We cannot directly make the change for you, unless we are listed as a Technical Contact or Administrative contact for the domain record, and have been provided by you with login access of our own to your domain’s management at the registrar.

However if there is no Registrar-Lock on your domain, AND if you either have or don’t need an EPP key for your domain, you may be able to transfer your domain to our Domain Registration services. An EPP Key (sometimes called Code or Authorization Key etc) is like a password, and is required to transfer .org, .biz and .info Domain Names from one Registrar to another.

In order for a domain transfer to be successfully completed you must have access to the Administrator email address on file for your domain at your old domain registrar. You will be required to confirm the transfer from that email address, before the transfer can proceed.

Once your domain is transferred to Hosting, you will be able login and use our Domain Management tools to manage your domain’s Name Servers, DNS, etc.